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Piaggio Avanti II Private Jet1 - Piaggio Avanti II Private Jet

Piaggio Avanti II Private Jet

A turbo prop aircraft for up to 9 passengers.

The Piaggio Avanti II is the fastest and most advanced turboprop in the world. Its unique and distinctive design sets it apart from the competition. Depending upon the interior configuration, this private plane can seat between six and nine passengers. It has a maximum cruising altitude of 41,000 feet, which is at par with many light jets, and it is extremely versatile, with a short landing distance of 3,282 feet and a range of 1800 nautical miles.

Apart from its stylish exterior, the Avanti II has set a benchmark in comfort and convenience for passengers. The high-end features available in this private plane enable them to arrive at their destination free of the fatigue which normally accompanies travel by a turboprop aircraft. The interior of this private rental aircraft is bright and uncluttered and this impression is heightened by large windows and LED lighting.

One of the factors which makes the Piaggio Avanti II the preferred aircraft for private air charter is the best in class noise levels of only 68 dba in its cabin. This is made possible by the turboprop engines being mounted on wings which are placed behind the cabin, resulting in significantly reduced noise levels for the passengers.

The cabin’s furnishings are trendy and upscale, and leather has been extensively used in the upholstery to provide a luxurious ambience to this extremely popular private rental aircraft. Additionally, the Piaggio Avanti II is the only private plane in its class to come with a fully enclosed lavatory with hot and cold running water. Amongst the best features of this aircraft is the height of its cabin, which at 5.9 feet is much greater than that of other planes in its range and at par with larger aircraft.

The Piaggio Avanti II is miles ahead of other turboprops and competes with light jets on speed and cabin comfort, making it highly in demand for private charter services.

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