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learjet 60 private jet1 - Learjet 60 Private Jet

Learjet 60 Private Jet

A midsize business jet for up to 6 passengers.

The Learjet 60 is a powerful aircraft capable of climbing to a height of 43,000 feet in less than 14 minutes. It has a range of 2,310 nautical miles making it an ideal private jet charter plane for mid-range travel. It requires only 5,450 feet of runway to take off, greatly increasing the number of destinations that this versatile private plane can fly to.

Once at its cruise level of 43,000 feet, the Learjet 60 can reach speeds of 0.76 Mach, making it one of the fastest private jet charter aircraft available in its range. It offers great comfort and convenience to its passengers and can accommodate between six and ten, depending upon the configuration of the seats. The cabin is 17.7 feet long and the Learjet 60 has a generous baggage capacity totalling 55 cubic feet.

The interiors of the Learjet 60 feature five single executive slide/swivel seats, a two-place side-facing divan opposite the entry door and a functional galley with a microwave. The amenities available make the Learjet 60 a preferred aircraft for private jet charter.

The Learjet 60XR is an improved version of the original 60. The design improvements in the 60XR include a larger galley, increased baggage area and the addition of a cabin management system featuring control modules and electronic power ports. Passengers benefit from a true stand-up cabin which features the highest operating ceiling amongst midsize jets.

The Learjet 60 has a pair of capable Pratt & Whitney engines, which are electronically controlled by a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system. This combination of power and high-end electronics makes the Learjet 60 the private jet rental of choice for business and leisure travellers looking for an economical and comfortable option.

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