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learjet45 11 - Learjet 45 Private Jet

Learjet 45 | Charter Private Jet

A small business jet for up to 8 passengers.

The Learjet 45 is a high-end, mid-sized jet, with outstanding performance capabilities. It is one of the most preferred private jet rental aircraft because of the comfort that its upscale cabin provides and the reputation of the Learjet brand. Eight seats are provided in a double club layout, giving the interior of the private plane a spacious look.

The aircraft is powered by two TFE731-20AR turbofan engines which provide the Learjet 45 the capability to fly up to a height of 45,000 feet and give it a range of 1,824 nautical miles. Despite the aircraft being equipped with such powerful engines, the Learjet’s cabin is very quiet and the interior noise level never exceeds 72 dB.

Passenger comfort in this private jet rental aircraft is further enhanced by the provision of a two-zone temperature control system, which allows both the cabin and the cockpit temperatures to be maintained at ideal levels. The Learjet 45 also provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space in an external compartment and an additional 10 cubic feet of storage space in the interior of the aircraft.

Passenger amenities in the Learjet 45 include a galley which can serve snacks and hot and cold refreshments. The interior of the aircraft has a bright and open look because of the eight windows which line each side of the cabin. A full width restroom is also provided at the back of the private jet.

The Learjet 45 is a powerful combination of first-class engineering and elegant design. The interior of the plane is extremely well laid out and a number of features have been included for the convenience of passengers, with the result that regular users of private jet charter aircraft show a marked preference for the Learjet 45.

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