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king 2001 - King Air 200 Air Charter

King Air 200 Air Charter

A turbo prop aircraft for up to 9 passengers.

The King Air 200 is a twin turbine powered aircraft with a pressurised cabin, which is suitable for short distance air charters. It can accommodate 10 passengers and two crew members, and has a range of 970 nautical miles. This sturdy private plane can land on gravel runways, making it the best choice for trips to locations without a tarmac airstrip.

The well-appointed cabin is over 16 feet long with comfortable seating offering generous head, shoulder and leg room. The sidewalls have integrated armrests, which make the cabin functionally wider and there are tables placed between the seats.

There is a two-place divan located behind the co-pilot’s seat, a single seat is behind the pilot’s position, a four-seat club is behind these seats and two fold-down seats occupy the back of the cabin area. A lot of thought has gone into the placement of the seats, with the result that passengers can have a relaxed and pleasant journey.

The King Air 200 also has an ample luggage capacity of 59 cubic feet. Passengers who travel on this private jet speak highly of the reduced noise levels in the specially designed cabin.

Travellers looking for an economical and reliable private aircraft rental find the King Air 200 one of their best options. This private plane is popular with both business and leisure passengers who are looking for a dependable aircraft for charter.

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