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gulfstream v - Gulfstream V Private Jet

Gulfstream V Private Jet

An ultra long range executive jet for up to 13 passengers.

The Gulfstream V is a long-range private jet that combines performance and speed to deliver a premium passenger experience. It can fly non-stop from Denver to Beijing or from Los Angeles to New Zealand, making it a favourite private jet charter aircraft for intercontinental flights.

The spacious cabin is over 6 feet high and partitioned into three areas to provide the 13 passengers that the Gulfstream V can carry with privacy and the facilities to work or relax. The luxuriously appointed cabin is provided with a full-service galley and especially designed seats with fold-out work tables. There are separate lavatories for the passengers and crew and the private jet has a generous 226 cubic feet of storage capacity, which it is possible to access during the flight.

Gulfstream Aerospace has utilised its engineering capabilities to ensure that the cabin is noise and vibration free.  As a result, passengers arrive at their destination alert and refreshed and without the feeling of tiredness that can result from long intercontinental flights. In addition to this, the Gulfstream V can maintain the equivalent of sea level pressure when flying at a height of 29,200 feet, making it one of the most comfortable long-range private jet hire aircraft.

The Gulfstream V is a versatile plane with the ability to take off in just 6,110 feet of airstrip and its powerful engines allow it to climb to an altitude of 37,000 feet within 18 minutes. It can fly at a maximum height of 51,000 feet, giving the pilot flexibility to take advantage of tail winds and arrive at the destination sooner. The Gulfstream V is capable of flights as long as 14 hours and to facilitate this, the cockpit is designed to accommodate three pilots.

Amongst the best planes in its class, the Gulfstream V is preferred by travellers who are looking for a long range private jet rental aircraft which is reliable and provides high-end facilities.

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