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gulfstream g2001 - Gulfstream G200 Private Jet

Gulfstream G200 Private Jet

A super midsize private jet for up to 10 passengers.

The Gulfstream G200 is a super midsized private jet well suited for transcontinental travel with its range of 3,312 nautical miles. It has a large cabin with a height of 6.3 feet making it best in class and allowing passengers great comfort. The aircraft was originally named the Galaxy and was produced by Galaxy Aerospace. In 2001 Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation purchased Galaxy Aerospace and rebranded the aircraft as the Gulfstream G200.

Depending upon the cabin configuration, seating is available for eight to nineteen passengers in this spacious private plane. The manufacturers of the Gulfstream G200 have gone to great lengths to ensure that passengers have a restful flight.

The pressurization system in this luxurious private jet rental aircraft is capable of maintaining a sea level cabin at 23,000 feet or a pressure equivalent to 8,000 feet when the plane is at its maximum certified ceiling of 45,000 feet. This ensures that passengers have a pleasant flight and arrive at their destination relaxed and refreshed.

The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW306A engines which enable the private jet to climb to an altitude of 37,000 feet in just nineteen minutes. Its rapid ascent capability coupled with its ability to fly at a height of 45,000 feet gives the pilot great flexibility and allows the aircraft to fly above other air traffic, making for shorter flight durations.

The Gulfstream G200’s cabin is amongst the largest in this category of aircraft and measures 24.4 feet in length and 7.2 feet in width. This size allows the private jet charter aircraft to accommodate eight passengers in an executive style seating format or nineteen in a corporate shuttle cabin fit. Baggage capacity is at a generous 150 cubic feet and a fully enclosed lavatory is provided at the back of the aircraft.

The large cabin and transcontinental range capabilities of the Gulfstream G200 make this plane an ideal private jet hire choice for passengers looking for a reliable and comfortable aircraft.

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