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Global Express Exterior 11 - Global Express Private Jet

Global Express Private Jet

An ultra long range executive jet for up to 10 passengers.

The Global Express is a wide-body luxury private jet with a range of 6,000 nautical miles. It has a top speed of .88 Mach and can accommodate 10 passengers.  Its ultra-long range capabilities make it the first choice for private jet charters involving intercontinental travel. The Global Express is capable of flying from New York to Tokyo without refuelling and between any two points in the world with only one stop.

Travellers looking to hire a private jet which has ultimate all-round performance capabilities and also offers the most luxurious cabin facilities, find that the Global Express meets all their requirements. The cabin is over 43 feet long and 6.2 feet high, which is amongst the most spacious for a private plane.

A unique feature of the Global Express, which makes it the preferred choice for air charters for high-end travellers, is the aft stateroom which has luxurious seating, a full berthing divan and independent temperature and entertainment systems. The cabin has wide seats with adjustable headrests and recliner-style leg-rests, which make the Global Express equally comfortable for other passengers using the private plane.

The Global Express has a well-equipped galley, a top-notch entertainment system and offers in-flight high-speed internet access. Its flight deck incorporates the most advanced technology, making the Global Express one of the most dependable private charter jets available in the market.

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