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Dornier 328JET Private Jet1 - Dornier 328JET Private Jet

Dornier 328JET Private Jet

A luxurious heavy jet for up to 32 passengers.

The Dornier 328JET is a spacious and modern fuel-efficient aircraft, which can seat 33 passengers in commuter mode. If the interior layout is in executive commuter or charter fashion, the private jet can seat 19. The cabin can also be refurbished to offer luxury seating and in this configuration, the Dornier 328JET can accommodate up to 32 passengers.

A great advantage that the Dornier 328JET offers as a private jet charter aircraft is the space available for the use of passengers. The cabin is six feet tall and over seven feet wide. With its length of 34 feet, passengers are provided the luxury of travelling in a private plane, which allows free movement and has none of the restrictions associated with air travel in cramped conditions.

The voluminous interior of the aircraft has been put to good use in other ways too. The forward cabin contains a large galley, which is fully equipped to serve hot and cold drinks and snacks. The baggage capacity available in this aircraft, which is popular for private jet hire, is a massive 275 cubic feet. The lavatory at the back of the aircraft is fair-sized and comfortable.

Two Pratt and Whitney Canada engines give the Dornier 328JET the ability to climb at the rate of 3,690 feet per minute and a range of 1,000 nautical miles with a full load of passengers and baggage. The aircraft’s ability to take off and land on short airfields makes it a good choice for private jet rentals to locations with smaller airports.

The German parentage of the Dornier 328JET gives the private plane a very sound build and makes it an extremely safe and stable aircraft. Travellers looking for short-range trips in an economical and trusted plane find that the Dornier 328JET makes the most appropriate choice.

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