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Diamond DA42 Twin Star Air Charter

A piston prop aircraft for up to 4 passengers. Weight restrictions.

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a twin propeller short-haul aircraft, which can carry three passengers. It is perfectly suited for private air charters with its basic yet comfortable cabin, which offers a spectacular view. The Twin Star has a range of 800 nautical miles and a maximum operating altitude of 18,000 feet.

This sturdy aircraft has an all carbon composite airframe with the industry standard Garmin G1000 flightdeck, making it one of the most technologically advanced and stable aircraft in its class. The dependable performance of the Twin Star has made it the first choice for travellers looking for an economical private air rental. The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a comfortable plane which is well suited for short to medium distance trips.

With extremely short take-off and landing distance requirements, the Twin Star is usually the first choice when a private aircraft is needed for travel to a location with a small airport, which is inaccessible to larger aircraft.

Over the years the Diamond DA42 Twin Star has established itself as the preferred private rental aircraft choice because of the high degree of comfort it offers coupled with its dependable record.

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