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Citation UltraV1 - Citation V/Ultra/Encore Private Jet

Citation V/Ultra/Encore Private Jet

A small business jet for up to 7 passengers.

The Citation V, the Citation Ultra and the Ultra Encore are the largest members of Cessna’s Citation straight wing series. This range of private jets has cemented Cessna’s reputation as manufacturers of highly capable and reliable aircraft. The first to be introduced was the Citation V, which was followed by the Ultra and finally the Ultra Encore.

While each of these private jet rental aircraft has a similar seating capacity of seven or eight passengers, the Encore’s cabin is the most evolved with seamless wall panels and indirect lighting, which give the interior an open and bright look.

The Citation Ultra has a range of 1,524 nautical miles and the Encore has a slightly enhanced range of 1,646 nautical miles. Both variations have a certified service ceiling of 45,000 feet, allowing them to fly above the weather when required, resulting in less bumpy flights and greater passenger comfort.

In keeping with its tradition of paying close attention to providing passengers with a range of facilities, Cessna has equipped all three versions of the private jet charter aircraft, the Citation V, the Citation Ultra and the Ultra Encore, with passenger–friendly features which make flights a pleasant and restful experience.

The Ultra Encore, which is the latest in the series, provides passengers with flat panel entertainment systems with audio jacks and power outlets. The Citation V has luxurious seats which recline 60 degrees and rotate a full 360 degrees.

All three aircraft have generous baggage areas and their features are amongst the best available in any light private jet. The ability of these planes to take off and land from smaller airfields allows them to be used for flights to places which larger private jet rental aircraft cannot go to.

The Citation V and its progressively advanced versions, the Citation Ultra and the Ultra Encore are amongst the best examples of Cessna’s engineering skills. These high-performance private jets, which offer a host of facilities to passengers are the preferred choice of those looking for a dependable air charter.

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