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citation vi1 - Citation VI Private Jet

Citation VI Private Jet

A midsize business jet for up to 7 passengers.

The Citation VI from Cessna sets new standards in performance and passenger amenities amongst small private jets. It is faster than most of the competition and can cruise at a maximum speed of 0.81 to 0.83 Mach. The Citation VI has a certified ceiling of 51,000 feet and this feature makes it a highly preferred private jet charter aircraft as it can suitably alter its cruising height to avoid bad weather.

Cessna has gone to great lengths to ensure that passengers enjoy a quiet and relaxed flight in the Citation VI. The cabin is provided with easily adjustable luxury seats with leather covers and side tables, which provide great convenience. The cabin pressure in this private plane is regulated by electropneumatic pressurization control units, a feature which maintains an 8,000 foot cabin altitude up to the aircraft’s certified ceiling and sea level pressure at a height up to 25,000 feet.

The Cessna Citation VI has a stand-up cabin, a fully enclosed lavatory with a functioning sink and 61 cubic feet of storage capacity. These features serve to make this private plane the first choice of many business and leisure travellers looking for a best-in-class private jet rental aircraft.

The 18.7 foot long cabin easily seats seven, and each passenger has enough space in the Citation VI’s roomy interior. Passenger comfort is further enhanced as the Citation VI is equipped with a trailing link landing gear, which ensures smooth taxiing and landing.

The Cessna Citation VI combines a host of design, technical and engineering features to make it the perfect private jet rental aircraft. Its range of 1,792 nautical miles gives it the capability to fly to most short and medium range destinations. All these factors have contributed to make the Citation VI an air charter option that many travellers are extremely partial to.

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