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Citation Mustang1 - Citation Mustang Private Jet

Citation Mustang Private Jet

A small business jet for up to 4 passengers.

The Citation Mustang is a popular entry-level business jet. It seats four passengers comfortably and is approved to fly with a single pilot, even though there is provision for two. It has a maximum range of 1050 nautical miles, which makes it an ideal private jet for quick inter-city travel.

The well-appointed cabin offers excellent seating facilities, leading to the Citation Mustang being regarded as one of the most popular private jets available for charter. The ergonomically designed reclining leather seats are equipped with armrests, work tables, power outlets and storage consoles to create an environment suitable for spending travel time productively.

Discerning business travellers choosing to use private jet hire facilities show a preference for the Citation Mustang because of its exceptional performance capabilities and luxurious interiors. Another reason that makes the Mustang the first option amongst Very Light jets is that it has 63 cubic feet of storage capacity which can accommodate 718 lb of baggage.

Private jet rental companies find that there is steady demand for the Mustang as it is highly versatile, requiring just 3,110 feet to take off. It has a maximum operating altitude of 41,000 feet enabling it to climb above the weather.

Amongst private jets the Citation Mustang is the first choice for travellers looking for the luxury of a larger aircraft, while requiring one which has the flexibility to go to destinations with smaller airports.

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