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Citation Excel Private Jet1 - Citation Excel Private Jet

Citation Excel Private Jet

A midsize business jet for up to 8 passengers.

The Citation Excel is a mid-sized jet with a seating capacity of eight. It has a stand-up cabin of 5.7 feet with several other high-end features, which serve to make this private jet the first choice amongst rental aircraft in its class. Its two Pratt and Whitney PW545 engines give it a range of 1,657 nautical miles with the result that the Excel can carry out short to medium distance flights with ease.

The cabin of the Citation Excel is one of the quietest in a mid-sized jet, as the entry door is triple-sealed and the windows are made of special sound reducing materials. These features ensure that passengers enjoy a quiet flight and arrive at their destination free of the fatigue which could accompany such trips in less well-designed aircraft.

The Excel is the first choice of travellers looking for a sturdy mid-range private jet rental which offers the highest level of passenger comfort. Two air conditioning systems are provided as a standard feature, resulting in the cabin temperature being maintained at ideal levels even in the most extreme outside conditions.

The cabin contains six single executive seats which are pedestal mounted and can swivel and recline. Four seats are arranged facing each other, with another row of two front-facing seats placed towards the back of the private plane. There is ample space in the cabin, making the Citation Excel the preferred option for travellers who consider comfort a primary factor in deciding on a private jet rental.

The Excel also has generous luggage capacity of 90 cubic feet and a well-equipped galley which can serve hot and cold refreshments. Each aspect of the Citation Excel’s interior has been designed keeping passenger comfort in mind. The result is that the Citation Excel is one of the most sought after mid-sized private jet rental aircraft in the market.

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