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Citation CJ11 - Citation CJ1 Private Jet

Citation CJ1 Private Jet

A small business jet for up to 6 passengers.

The Citation CJ1 is a time-tested and rugged private jet, which seats five passengers and has a range of 1050 nautical miles. It is a second-generation version of the highly successful Citation Jet series by Cessna. The CJ1 is well suited for short-haul private jet charters and over a period of time it has gained a reputation for being a dependable and comfortable private plane.

The cabin has been intelligently designed to give passengers the impression that they are travelling in a much larger private jet charter aircraft. The Citation CJ1 has a four-seat club configured cabin and there is another side-facing seat placed just behind the cockpit. The leather upholstery and wood fixtures serve to give this private plane an upscale quality.

The cabin also houses a small galley from where refreshments and drinks can be served, giving the passengers amenities normally found on larger private jet rentals. The Citation CJ1 has a separate rear baggage area and a small lavatory as well.

The CJ1 is an extremely versatile private jet, which requires only 3,200 feet to land. This ability, and its compact size, make it an apt choice for trips to smaller airports with restricted facilities. Its two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A turbofans give this private plane great power and dependability, making the Citation CJ1 the preferred choice for business and leisure travellers.

An upgraded model of the Citation CJ1, the CJ2, is also available. It has a larger cabin accompanied by a larger wingspan and greater cruise speed.

The CJ1 remains a highly popular private jet rental plane as it is economical and reliable and because it is capable of flying to locations which are inaccessible to larger aircraft.

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