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Citation Bravo1 - Citation Bravo Private Jet

Citation Bravo Private Jet Rental

A small business jet for up to 7 passengers.

The Citation Bravo is a seven-seater private jet from the Cessna stable, which offers a high degree of comfort to its passengers. The Bravo has a range of 1,495 nautical miles, giving it the ability to fly to destinations located farther away than those that can normally be serviced by private planes of its class.

A number of features have been added to the Bravo to enhance passenger comfort. One of the major advantages that this aircraft enjoys over its competition, is that the interiors have been engineered to ensure reduced sound levels by adding a secondary seal to the cabin door to curtail wind noise.

Additionally, bagged insulation and an isolated interior shell has been incorporated to reduce engine noise that is common in smaller private jets. The result is that the Bravo has a surprisingly quiet cabin, which serves to make travelling by this private jet rental aircraft a pleasant and restful experience.

The Citation Bravo requires just 3,600 feet for take-off and only 2,517 feet for landing, making it the natural choice for trips to airports with short runways. It can fly to a maximum height of 45,000 feet, giving this brilliantly engineered private plane the ability to fly above the weather.

Cabin pressurization is maintained by means of a digital pressurization controller, which ensures heightened passenger well-being. The seven-seat layout includes four club seats facing each other and three additional club seats. A generous baggage capacity of 73 cubic feet has been provided in this much sought after private jet rental.

The Citation Bravo is a powerful small jet which can climb to an altitude of 25,000 feet with a full load, within 10 minutes of take-off. It is a highly preferred private jet rental aircraft for short and medium length journeys because of its reliability and the best-in-class amenities that it offers to passengers.

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