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Challenger 6051 - Challenger 604/605 Private Jet

Challenger 604/605 Private Jet

A luxurious heavy jet for up to 9 passengers.

The Challenger 604 is a medium to long range wide-body private jet. It is a spacious aircraft which offers features and amenities comparable to a commercial jet. It seats nine passengers and depending on the configuration, can accommodate up to nineteen, making it one of the most roomy private jet charter aircrafts in the market.

The interior of the plane has been designed to offer the highest degree of passenger comfort. The Challenger 604/605 boasts a large fuselage cross-section resulting in a roomy cabin, which is 8.2 feet wide and 6.1 feet high. A full size lavatory is provided in this private plane along with a vast baggage area of 115 cubic feet, located inside the aircraft.

In addition to a large cabin, the Challenger 604/605 has one of the quietest interiors. Passengers are spared the stress and fatigue which can result from sitting for long hours in the noisy cabin of a private jet rental aircraft. A full service galley, which can serve hot and cold meals and drinks, adds to the comfort of passengers. A long flight undertaken in the Challenger 600 series is not a tiring experience at all and passengers alight feeling refreshed and alert.

The Challenger 600 series has a range of 3,006 nautical miles, giving it the ability to fly non-stop to most transcontinental destinations. An upgraded version of the Challenger 600, the Challenger 604, has a range of 4,027 nautical miles, a feature which allows this private jet charter aircraft to comfortably make intercontinental flights.

Travellers looking to hire a large private jet which offers great convenience and the ability to make long non-stop flights, find the Challenger 604 well suited to their needs. In addition to being a highly reliable aircraft, the Challenger 604 is noise and vibration-free, giving it an edge over other private jets.

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