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Challenger 300 Private Jet1 - Challenger 300 Private Jet

Challenger 300 Private Jet

A super midsize private jet for up to 9 passengers.

The Challenger 300 is a super-midsize private jet, which can carry eight passengers in absolute comfort, although based on the configuration chosen, it can accommodate up to 13. Its two Honeywell HTF7000 engines give it enormous power and the capacity to achieve speeds of 0.80 Mach and a maximum height of 45,000 feet.

The cabin of the Challenger 300 offers the ultimate in passenger comfort and amenities in a private jet rental aircraft of its class. Each seat is provided with NICE (Network Integrated Cabin Equipment) technology, which is an Ethernet based system developed in collaboration with Lufthansa Technik. This integrates communications and entertainment control into a single touchscreen, a facility usually not available in a private jet charter aircraft of this category.

The facilities in the cabin of the Challenger 300 have been designed to satisfy even the most demanding passenger. Satcom telephones, in-flight mapping systems, two 20 inch widescreen LCD monitors and a DVD/CD player are all part of standard equipment. Another practical feature that this private jet provides is unrestricted in-flight access to baggage in the luggage hold which is located at the back of the aircraft next to the lavatory.

The Challenger 300’s cabin height of 6.1 feet and the overhead LED lights give the interior of the private jet an open and bright ambience. Fully adjustable passenger seats with individual fold-out tables and two-zone air conditioning, add to passenger convenience and comfort, making the Challenger 300 one of the most preferred super-midsize private jet hire options.

This technologically advanced and superbly crafted aircraft has a true U.S. coast-to-coast range and its best-in-class facilities ensure that passengers can spend their time in comfort or use it productively. Travellers looking for a high degree of reliability coupled with great passenger amenities find the Challenger 300 to be the perfect choice for a private jet rental.

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