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Boeing Business Jet BBJ Private Jet1 - Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Private Jet

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Private Jet

A luxury VIP airliner for for up to 149 passengers.

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is actually a commercial plane modified into a private jet. The Boeing 737 has been configured into a high-end air charter with a huge cabin and a range capability that can take it to practically any corner of the earth. Flights from Denver to Tokyo or Frankfurt to Los Angeles are easily possible on the BBJ.

The cabin of this private jet hire aircraft is a massive 807 square feet and in its most popular configuration has four sections. There is a business office, a board room, a lounge and a VIP bedroom. Each of these is commodious as the interior of the aircraft is over 79 feet long and 7.1 feet high. This configuration is ideal for smaller groups of passengers. In another seating format offered in the Boeing Business Jet, 60 passengers can be accommodated.

The modifications that have been carried out to the Boeing 737 to convert it into a luxury private jet rental plane include increasing the aircraft’s fuel capacity. As a result of this, the Boeing Business Jet can fly non-stop for 6,173 nautical miles. Additionally, the BBJ is extremely versatile, and despite its size, has the capability of taking off in just 5,950 feet of runway, while requiring only 2,330 feet to land.

The Boeing Business Jet has a well-equipped galley with a full complement of appliances including a refrigerator, a microwave and a freezer. There is also a complete entertainment system, which includes a DVD player and satellite TV.

The BBJ is eminently suitable as a private jet charter plane for those passengers looking for a very large, long-range aircraft with every conceivable facility. It may not be within most budgets, but for those who can afford it, the Boeing Business Jet is one of the finest private planes that can be hired.

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