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7371 - Boeing 737-300 VIP/500 VIP Private Jet

Boeing 737-300 VIP/500 VIP Private Jet

A luxury VIP airliner for for up to 60 passengers.

The Boeing 737-300 VIP and the 737-500 VIP are short to medium-range private jets which are highly popular as air charter planes. Both have a similar range, with the Boeing 737-300 VIP having the ability to fly non-stop for 2,270 nautical miles while the 737-500 can cover a distance of 2,402 nautical miles. The two planes are powered by a pair of CFM56-3B-1 engines each, which gives them the ability to climb rapidly and achieve a maximum speed of 0.82 Mach.

The generous size of the cabin in these planes is an important reason for their popularity as private jet charter aircraft. The interior of both the Boeing 737-300 VIP and the 737-500 VIP is 7.3 feet high and 11.7 feet wide. The 737-300’s length is a massive 72 feet while the 737-500 is only 7 feet shorter.

Although commercial versions of both aircraft are configured to carry between one hundred and a hundred and fifty passengers, the VIP versions used in private jet rentals usually seat a number ranging from eighteen to forty eight. The interiors of these private planes can be configured in a variety of highly elegant layouts to suit the requirements of the passengers.

As the cabin is extremely spacious, passengers travel in a relaxed environment and arrive at their destination rested and alert. Flights on the Boeing 737-300 VIP and the 737-500 VIP are smooth as the private planes have a certified service ceiling of 37,000 feet allowing the pilot flexibility to vary the aircraft’s height to avoid bad weather.

Travellers looking for a large and luxurious private jet rental plane will do well to choose between the Boeing 737-300 VIP and the 737-500 VIP. Both these aircraft combine high performance and safety with a commodious interior to deliver an excellent private jet hire option.

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