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Pet Travel & Flying With Pets

Pet Travel Requirements

Every country has a different set of rules regarding pet travel. But as a general principle, taking a pet along in a private jet is simpler and subject to fewer restrictions as compared to travelling in a commercial airline. An added advantage is that Prestige Jets is fully aware of the regulations regarding private jet pet travel and, subject to basic documentation being in order, can make the arrangements for travel with your dog or cat a trouble-free experience.

If you are travelling overseas it is a good idea to specifically enquire about the documentation requirements of the country you will be visiting. For example, the United States requires the same set of documents even if your pet is going there for a repeat visit. Different states within the U.S. have their own requirements and it is advisable to ascertain the rules regarding the necessity of obtaining a health certificate for your pet prior to leaving for your destination.

Travel to rabies-free countries may require that your pet have a blood test to avoid or shorten the quarantine period.

Pet passports are a necessity for your dog or cat if you plan to travel with a pet from within the EU. These are normally issued by an authorised vet and should form a part of the set of documents which you will carry if you are travelling within the EU or flying outside the EU and then returning. Please contact us directly if you require any assistance with this.

While the documentation needed would remain the same when travelling by a commercial airline or by a private jet charter, there are a number of benefits in choosing a private jet when travelling with your pet dog or cat.

Pet Travel Benefits

The primary advantage of travelling by private jet is that you would not make your pet go through the ghastly experience of flying in the noisy cargo hold of a commercial plane in alien surroundings, without your reassuring presence. Size restrictions are becoming increasingly strict and only smaller pets are allowed into regular commercial flights.

If you do reconcile yourself to taking a commercial flight and are allowed to carry your pet inside the aircraft you may need to place her under the seat in front of you. In addition to being to an extremely uncomfortable way to travel, it can result in your pet getting upset and becoming uncontrollable. Private jet travellers do not suffer from any of these problems and in fact, it can be a very pleasant and enjoyable experience for the client and their pets.

If you would like more details on our pet travel services then please contact us directly so we may discuss your requirements.

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