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Who is the typical private jet customer?

Luxury Holiday 460x375 - Who is the typical private jet customer?

Most people have a misplaced idea of who actually flies by private jet, wrongly believing that it’s simply celebrities and the super rich who are able to do so. In actual fact the reality may surprise you, as private jets are chartered by a wide variety of people for a number of extremely different purposes. Aircraft come in all shapes and sizes, from luxury jets to much smaller 4 seater air taxis, meaning that whatever the requirement, we have the craft to do the job. Though celebrities and the super rich do make up a small proportion of our clientele, they by no means fit the standard profile of one of our users. So who is the typical private jet customer?

Business Flights - Who is the typical private jet customer?
Business Fliers
The largest users of private jets are business fliers, largely thanks to the efficiency that comes from chartering your own flight. The biggest saving that chartering a flight makes is no time, which is clearly extremely important to any business person. Fly into the closest most convenient airport to your destination, skip the queues and security checks and work in uninterrupted privacy during the flight itself.

Families - Who is the typical private jet customer?
This is a rapidly expanding market as more and more families look for ways to take the stress out of flying. Flying with a big brood, particularly if you’ve got younger members can be difficult and chaotic, but chartering your own flight takes away any of that worry. The benefit of skipping the long waits and security checks are huge and allow for a much smoother start and end to your holiday or vacation.

Pets - Who is the typical private jet customer?
Domestic Animals
Transporting pets with regular airlines can be traumatic and distressing for both the owner and the pet as ordinarily they have to be placed in the hold. Lots of people choose to alleviate the pain by chartering their very own private jet, sometimes solely for the animals. If you’re going internationally, we’re fully up to date with the rules and regulations of each country so can inform you of the requirements beforehand ensuring a smooth and hassle free experience.

Luxury Holiday - Who is the typical private jet customer?
Leisure Fliers
For those wanting to jet away in the lap of luxury there’s no better way to do it than by chartering your own flight. Particularly over the warmer months, leisure flights become extremely popular, as people begin to arrange their summer breaks. If a traditional airline just won’t cut it for your holiday getaway then this is the perfect option, allowing you to customise your flight to your exact requirements.