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7 Myths About Private Jet Charter

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There are so many myths about the charter jet industry that it’s no wonder a lot of people have completely the wrong impression of it. Many of whom would really appreciate the benefits of chartering a jet over flying commercially, but are put off by all of the “fake news” that continually swirls around. So today, we’re putting to bed 7 myths about chartered jets.

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It’s Prohibitively Expensive to Charter a Jet

It’s widely believed that the cost of chartering a jet would be enough to make your eyes water, but in reality prices are actually often very competitive with commercial airlines. This is especially true if you tend to fly first or business class.

Private Jets are Dangerous

Private air travel is one of the safest forms of travel, without exception. Our pilots are trained to an extremely high standard and the craft we have access to are well maintained and offer unrivalled levels of safety.

Safety - 7 Myths About Private Jet Charter

You Still Have to Wait in Line for Security Checks With Chartered Flights

With private air travel there are no long winded security checks, so you won’t be waiting in line for hours on end with thousands of other people like on a commercial flight. It’s far more convenient and saves passengers a huge amount of time.

It’s Only the Rich and Famous Who Fly Privately

Though a portion of our clients would definitely fall into this category, the vast majority of private flyers are completely ordinary people. Business travel is the most popular usage for private jets, but they’re also used by families going on vacation, individuals travelling within countries and groups of friends wanting an exciting experience.

Rich and Famous - 7 Myths About Private Jet Charter

It’s Complicated to Charter a Jet and There are Hidden Costs

The process with us is extremely simple and totally transparent. All you have to do is request a quick quote by filling in our short form and we will come back to you as soon as possible with our best prices. All of our quotes are fully inclusive and we promise there will be no hidden extras or nasty surprises.

Commercial Flights are Less Affected by Weather

Actually it’s completely the opposite. Because private jets have far more flexibility in terms of routes and the airport that they land at we can change plans relatively quickly to mitigate any effects of poor weather. Unlike with commercial airlines, delays and cancellations are rare.

Bad Weather - 7 Myths About Private Jet Charter

Commercial Planes Fly Faster than Private Jets

This obviously depends entirely on which aircraft you’re travelling, but the very fastest planes available are private ones, not commercial airliners. Not only do they fly faster, but the total journey time is incomparably quicker as there are no queues, you can drive right up to the jet before jumping on and you can fly into the most convenient airport that’s closest to your destination.