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6 Luxurious Holiday Resorts With Private Airstrips

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Flying privately is all about the superior level of comfort and convenience that it affords you. And it doesn’t get any more convenient than flying directly into the resort you’re going to be spending your well deserved holiday at. Here are 6 luxurious resorts with private airstrips.

Las Alamandas, Mexico

With four private beaches of sweeping white sand, it’s no wonder that Las Alamandas is one of Mexico’s most renowned luxury beach getaways. This unspoiled paradise lies on the Pacific Ocean in a stretch of the shoreline known as the Costalegre Coast. Hire a private jet to fly into this beach lover’s fantasy using their very own private landing strip.

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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, U.S.A

Located in Pennsylvania, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is an amazing hub of exciting adventures and activities and you can charter a flight directly into its heart. Go on a safari where you’ll be treated to sightings of big animals such as lions, bears and wolves, try your hand at off road driving or take a pony trek through the surrounding woodlands.

Wakatobi, Indonesia

Wakatobi is built along the edge of some of the finest, privately protected coral reefs in Asia meaning the resort’s focus is scuba diving, snorkelling and sea trips. It’s also a luxury destination with fantastic amenities including a beach restaurant, a beach jetty and Indonesian spa. Charter a plane and fly privately into its nearby airstrip.

wakatobi beach crop 460x385 - 6 Luxurious Holiday Resorts With Private Airstrips

The Meridian Club, Turks & Caicos

The Meridian Club is based on one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive and secluded islands which is home to just the resort and a handful of private residences and is reached via the hotel’s airstrip. The beachfront location with its long stretch of white sand and clear blue waters makes it the perfect location for a seriously relaxing vacation.

Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize

This jungle getaway used to be the holiday residence of the famous director Francis Ford Coppola before he transformed it into the luxury resort it is today. Built into the surrounding rainforest, there are waterfalls, plunge pools and pure nature surrounding. Due to it’s quiet and isolated location, many guests opt to use the airstrip out front to arrive.

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Pratello Country Resort, Italy

Charter a jet to take you to the heart of Italy’s beautiful Tuscany region where you’ll find the historic Pratello Country Resort. Once a villa owned by generations of noble families, it’s been converted into a luxurious countryside hotel surrounded by rolling green hills. Its sense of history has been retained with the use of antique furniture and sensitive design.

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