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5 Reasons that Chartering a Jet for Business Travel is Better

If you have ever flown with an airline for business purposes then you’ll be all too aware of what an inconvenience it is. There is so much time wasted in getting to and from the airports, waiting in line to check in and for security inspections, and hanging around for the gates to open. It’s not fun at all, but worse than that it’s a completely inefficient use of your time. If you do this frequently then the amount of wasted time really starts to add up, so it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are choosing to charter flights. Particularly for group business travel, the cost can really be very similar if not cheaper than flying business class and the benefits speak for themselves. Here are 5 reasons that chartering a jet for business travel is better.

Travel on your Timescale

With a traditional airline, when you need to be somewhere for a specific time, you’re at the mercy of the airline’s schedule as to when you arrive and depart. This means you will probably have to fly at a time that’s not convenient to make sure you get there when you need to. If you charter a jet it’s a totally different experience.

In-Flight Business Meetings

Lots of business travel is done in groups, but where it would ordinarily be impossible to work together on a traditional flight, on a chartered jet it’s entirely possible. You can discuss sensitive subjects without worrying about whether fellow passengers are listening in and get ready for that all important meeting in a relaxed environment.

Make the Most of Your Travel Time

With private business air travel there is no wasted time. You arrive at the airport that’s closest to where you live or your place of work shortly before take off, board the aircraft straight away and can be in the air within a matter of minutes. Forget about laborious security checks and long queues, you can use every minute of your travel time productively.

Treat it Like an Office

There’s no need to see your travel time as time that could be better spent as you’ll be able to continue working seamlessly with the facilities on offer. You can use any devices that you need to whilst getting online with the wifi that’s readily available. It’s like being in an office in the sky with no hiccups and no inconveniences whatsoever.

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