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5 Advantages of Chartering a Flight Over Going Business Class

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Flying business class is undoubtedly luxurious, but chartering your own jet not only takes luxury to the next level, but comes with a tonne of benefits that you may not have considered. Cost is usually a big consideration when making the step up from business class to private travel. But when taken into consideration with all of the other advantages you gain when flying privately it may well mean that chartering a jet works out very competitively. To help you understand these benefits, we’ve put together this list of 5 advantages of chartering a flight over going business class.

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You’ll Save Huge Amounts of Time

Flying business class, though comfortable, definitely doesn’t save you any time when travelling. You still have to turn up hours in advance of the flight time, queue to check in and go through the tiresome security checks. Flying privately you can fly t   o and from the closest airport as well as setting departure times. And there’s no queuing! You just turn up a few minutes before take off and hop straight on the plane.

You Have More Options

The options that chartering a jet opens up to you are virtually endless. You have choices over what plane you travel on, you can choose exactly what kind of refreshments and meals are available on the flight, and you select what setup you want on the aircraft from inflight entertainment to work facilities.

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The Price May be More Comparable Than You Believe

If you are booking business class tickets for a group of people, say a family or a work delegation, then it may well work out a very similar price to chartering a jet. In fact, when you take into consideration the other advantages you gain and the reduction in travel costs to and from airports then it’s not unusual for it to work out cheaper.

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It’s Better for Business

If you’ve ever tried to work on a flight, even in business class then you’ll know it’s not always the easiest thing to do. When you’re flying privately, the jet becomes your private office. You can work on confidential or sensitive projects, make phone calls, have access to excellent wifi and completely rule out any interruption to to your working day.

Stress Free Travel

Hassle Free

Put simply, chartering a private jet will mean that you have absolutely no hassle from start to finish. No queues, no waiting, no other passengers and no wasted time whatsoever. It means that you get more time to enjoy your holiday or dedicate to business without worrying about the things you do with a traditional airline. This is how flying should be.