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Air Taxi Service

Looking for a practical, economical and low cost option for your next private flight? Whether you need a ‘same day’ return to attend a business meeting or simply arrive in style at a sporting event, wedding or concert an air taxi may be for you.

What is an air taxi?
An air taxi is a small propeller driven aircraft or light jet used mainly for short haul, domestic flights and quick hops. Air taxi’s usually have a seating capacity of less than 10 and an flight range of about 250 miles. The types of aircraft typically used as an air taxi are small piston and turbo prop aircraft.

Why use an air taxi?
An air taxi is perfect for domestic and short flights. With access to ten times more airports than a commercial jet, any location is in easy reach. The many benefits of using an air taxi service are:

  • » Flexible and hassle free travel
  • » One to one service from your own personal air crew
  • » No long airport queues or flight delays
  • » Ability to continue to work whilst aboard